Omar ibn AbdilAziz

Born Leader

Sh. Omar Suleiman

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Life and biography of Omar ibn AbdilAziz

Course Reviews

  1. Profile photo of Saadia Khan Saadia Khan says:

    Jazak Allah Khairan, this was a really fascinating biography of a truly great personality! An inspiration to all Muslims on how worst conditions can be reversed by righteous leaders, by the Will of Allah SWT.

  2. Profile photo of mohammed mohammed says:

    Thanks alot for sheding light upon the story of an amazing man.. and I hope I can see more stories of other extraordinary figures of our Islamic history

  3. Profile photo of Marwan Marwan says:

    Great course
    What a great khalifa, may Allah bless him and give us the opportunity to meet him in jannah, and grant us leaders inspired by him. Amin. May Allah reward sheikh Omar for what he’s doing. Amine

  4. Profile photo of Rasheed Rasheed says:

    Very inspiring and touching.

  5. A Born Leader
    wonderful course, really enjoyed full course. However heart wanted to listen in more elaboration. May Allah Guide you, protect you and increase the number of the people who are like you.

  6. The part of the World, from where i came, I never got access to our history with such organized and detail information. Thank you Brother OMAR SULEIMAN and ILMFix for such an incredible course. Hope It will inspire thousands others, the way it inspired me.

  7. Profile photo of FATOU YAFFA FATOU YAFFA says:

    I learnt a lot as I I knew so little of him! Thank you very much

  8. Profile photo of Afsal Ahmed Afsal Ahmed says:

    I am always amazed by the history of Omar ibn Abdil Aziz and this course is awesome.

  9. Profile photo of Mohamed Nuur Mohamed Nuur says:

    Jazakum ALlAHU Kheyr to all of those who put an effort on this lesson specily brother sh Omar Suleyman

  10. Profile photo of kmekram kmekram says:

    A Born Leader
    Ma sha Allaah. ive been searching the net on Omar ibn AbdilAziz and finally found it here in ilmflix. the course was simply brilliant. May Allah reward you all with Jannatul Firdous

  11. Profile photo of Zeenath Zeenath says:

    Rich History
    We Muslims have rich history, thank you for introducing it to us. I am totally amazed by Omar ibn AbdilAziz (R. A) personality.

    Jazak Allah

  12. Profile photo of Hafsah Hafsah says:

    born leader
    Amazing mashallah. brought me to tears.

  13. Amazing Series of History
    Sh Omer Sulaiman makes the characters live

  14. a born leader
    Masha Allaah i gain lots from it …. My heartfelt thank you

  15. MAY ALLAH REWARD YOU Shaykh Suleiman
    I cant even begin to describe how awesome this course was. Alhamdulillah i got the chance to learn about a very humble servant of Allah. I pray that Allah grants us all the opportunity to be even a bit as pleasing to Him as Omar Ibn Abdilaziz (Rahimahullah) was.

    Jazak Allahu Khairain for putting the time and patience of gathering all these sources and illustrating in such an amazing story format. May Allah reward you and everyone at ILMFLIX for your effort. Ameen.

  16. Profile photo of Sayohat Sayohat says:

    I personally love everything SH Omar Suleiman dose and this work is amazing…

  17. Amazing and inspirational

  18. Profile photo of Mahdi Mahdi says:

    Beyond impressed
    MashaAllah and jazakAllahu khair Shaykh for the great class. I feel that sometimes we over use the word Sayyid in our communities but I swear Umar ibn AbdulAziz is our Sayyid and may Allah reward him abundantly for the good he did for the Ummah of Muhammad (salAllahu alaihi wa salam).

  19. Profile photo of Anisa Anisa says:

    I really have benefitted Alhamdulliah.
    Asalam o alaikum,
    Sheikh Omar Suleiman, I have really really benefited from this course and seen it all the way through along with my oldest daughter Fatima. Mashallah the way you explain things is awesome. Alhamdullilah I could really understand and visualise it all in my head Alhamdulliah.
    Jazakallah for the amazing talk.
    Anisa 🙂

  20. Profile photo of Anissa Anissa says:

    I learn a lots , Jazaka Allahu keir Sheik Omar.

  21. I am always facinating with the history or biography of great people, especially the life of the Prophet and pious and just people. Khalifah Umar b, Abd Aziz set a very high standard of how a leader should be. Having listen to this comprehensive lecture about this great man, I learn how justice and the proper implementation of sharia can lead the ummah to be the greatest civilization in the world. Thank you very much Syekh Omar Suleiman. May Allah reward you and ilmflix for this precious lecture. Aamiiin.

  22. Profile photo of Rashad Smith Rashad Smith says:

    Wow, I’d heard it said that Umar(RA) was the fifth of the Guided Khulafaa, but to hear and appreciate his story amazed me & made me take a deep long look at myself, By the Permission of Allah the presentation was very passionate & made me reflect on the state of our Ummah today

  23. The lost gem
    I would say this is indeed only an introduction to the subject matter. An excellent reminder by Sheikh Suleiman. Something definitely to read and research more about.

  24. Profile photo of BN BN says:

    Excellent material masha Allah
    This is by far the most comprehensive lecture about Omar ibn Abdul Aziz I have come across in English. May Allah bless Sh. Omar and the ilmflix team for their efforts, and gather us and them with the prophets and righteous in paradise. Ameen.

  25. Profile photo of MUTASIM MUTASIM says:

    Jazak’Allah Khairan, Imam Omar Suleiman.
    So wonderful, thank you, it was something very beneficial, Allah bless you and bless your work and your intention.

  26. Mashaa’Allah What an inspiration story about omar abdulaziz. What a righteous khalifa after omar ibnu khaxab. It brought tear to my eyes. If every Amiir do their amaana like Omar our world wouldn’t be fulfill with injustice….. I my self took a lot lesson from his story.

  27. A Legacy
    Subhan’Allah, His legacy just made me to accountable and revive myself, other than this I don’t have anything to say. I have benefited from this more than what I deserve. Alhamdhulillah.

    Jazak’Allah Khairan, Imam Omar Suleiman, Tabrak’Allah.

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