Pregnancy & Newborns

Bundle of Joy

Sh. Omar Suleiman

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All of the fiqh issues and sunnahs related to pregnancy and new born babies. This class is not only highly recommended for expecting parents and young couples, but anyone who plans on having children one day.

Shaykh Omar’s class will be dealing with the following in shaa Allah …

Virtues, The sunnahs of pregnancy, Abortion / birth control, Miscarriage, Fasting, Fiqh of childbirth, Naming, Aqeeqah, Prenatal pills, Baby Showers, Preparations, Post natal issues, Shaving, Supplications, Circumcision, Breastfeeding, and MORE!

Course Reviews

  1. Profile photo of Deqa Deqa says:

    Great topic. Jazak Allah Khair.

  2. Shukran Sheikh! I am glad to have found this lecture! Though I do not plan to have children for some years, this was very helpful as I was unaware of most of the information. To include a variety of sources and opinions is very honest of you and doing that benefited me in many ways.
    May God bless you and reward the great work you do.

  3. Profile photo of Rida Rafi Rida Rafi says:

    JazakaAllah Khir
    Alhumdulila May Allah bless Sheikh Omar Sulieman and his family for doing such an amazing job I can’t expect anything less from him. He MashaAllah goes in depth and help clarify fiqh issues and answers and how to live a good life following the Prophet SAW’s sunnah. May Allah grant Sheikh and his family jannah Ameen.
    JazakaAllah for an awesome informative course.

  4. Profile photo of afreen ahmed afreen ahmed says:

    SubhanAllah(swt) its awesome 🙂
    Alhumdulilah I came to this website via a fb shared post .It was very interesting and informative course .Alhumdulilah

    Jazak Allah Khairan Sheikh you were awesome Alhumdulilah Mein Allah(swt) bless you infinitely in all aspects of life and In sha Allah(swt) may you continue to serve the ummah this beautifully .

  5. Profile photo of Yahya Yahya says:

    Jazakallah, very informative break down of the fiqgh of pregnancy and newborns and a comprehensive breakdown of differences of opinions amongst the scholars. That being said, Shaykh mentioned he would list valid reasons for delaying/spacing/not wanting additional kids after the first or second.. was this question answered somewhere else or just not recorded? please respond we would benefit insha’allah.
    May Allah swt reward all of ilmflix scholars and volunteers behing the scene the best of rewards in this life and the next. ameen.

  6. Profile photo of Lady Zaynab Lady Zaynab says:

    Mashallah just had a baby a few days ago and this helped me so much! May Allah reward you all and especially for allowing me to attain this information for free. Ameen

  7. Profile photo of Reema Malik Reema Malik says:

    v informative
    highly recommended,,,,,,answered almost all questions & gave info i was looking or before my son s birth ….jazakumullah e kheran kaseera

  8. Profile photo of Umm Abdullah Umm Abdullah says:

    MashAllah very informative
    MashAllah this course is very informative. It just goes to show that we can always learn something new about a topic even if we have read about it or listened to lectures before.

    May Allah SWT reward all those who were involved in this course and this website abundantly.

  9. Jazzak Allah Ghairan SH. Omar Suleman for a great speech
    It was very helpful to me now I know little bit more what I can Do Spiritually to increase faith and Love in my pregnancy process 🙂

    The voice record need to improve it to better.

  10. Profile photo of Aabee Aabee says:

    Very Precise
    JazakaAllah Khair! This course was very informative; it has taught me many many things which I was ignorant of for years, in a matter of few hours. Away from the amazing fact that everything from A to Z pertaining to the topic of having a child was covered, MashaALLAH it was done in a very precise manner.

  11. Profile photo of Hannah Hannah says:

    very helpful

  12. Profile photo of Nh1983 Nh1983 says:

    Very informative and well delivered
    Thank you for this excellent course. It was very informative, organized and well spoken. Jak 🙂

  13. Profile photo of febin febin says:

    Mashaa’ allah..beautiful lecture touching all aspects….Jazakumullahu khairan kaseera..

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