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Objectives of Shariah

Compassionate Justice

Sh. Omar Suleiman

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Shariah is constantly perceived as a threat, as something barbaric. Often times we have creeping doubts, is this really from God? What does it mean to be an American Muslim?

What is shariah and what does it mean? What is the objective of Shariah?

Course Reviews

  1. objectives of shariah
    Overall great course mashAllah, very informative. It shows the mercy of the shariah and the wisdom behind it.

  2. Profile photo of Imran Imran says:

    Compassionate Justice
    Alhumdulilah, helped give me insight into the wisdom of Shariah.

  3. Profile photo of Peace2 Peace2 says:

    Compassionate justice
    Very beneficial.

  4. Extremely Informative
    MashaAllah this lecture was extremely educational and since I am very interested in law and the justice system this really brought my love for that and combined it with my love for the Deen. Our religion is so practical and so sorely misunderstood but this series clears many of those misunderstandings. Loved it.

  5. Profile photo of Hamza Hamza says:

    About Shariah
    Mashallah I liked so much.

  6. Profile photo of Afaf Afaf says:

    Learned a lot May Allah reward you Greatly

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