Depression & Loneliness

With Hardship Comes Ease

Sh. Omar Suleiman

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Statistics are pointing to increasingly alarming rates of health, psychological and emotional issues within Muslim Communities. The Muslim individual today faces hardships that were not seen by Muslims before. How does a Muslim deal with difficulties? Is this a lack of faith as many would like to label it as? Does clinical depression really exist? This course will deal with these issues and more.

Course Reviews

  1. I am going through a really hard time as I am watching this (just finished it actually), and Alhamdulillah, there is always a constant need for a reminder that in everything, there is good for a believer. If I lose everything that I aspired for today, I hope, In sha Allah, that I can remain patient, and keep my faith strong, and always be among those who are grateful. Ameen.

  2. Profile photo of Nadiema Nadiema says:

    Must watch for any therapist or depressed individual
    The content was really well thought out with good examples and stories used and sound practical advice.
    May Allah SWT grow your organisation from strength to Strength and grant Sheikh Omar Suleiman the energy to continue this good work , In Shaa Allah Ameen.

  3. Very insightful and eloquent speaker masha allah. I can relate to the course and lectures to my life as well. May Allah bless SH Omar Suleiman. This course will help people with their day to day lives and how to strengthen our imaan and tread the path of deen. May Allah grant all of us Hidayah to tread the st path.

  4. With Hardship Comes Ease
    This course relates to what a person is going through in his/her life, and gives courage to move on. I would recommend this course to anyone who would like a boost in their imaan. Kudos to Br. Omar for such nice presentation!

  5. Profile photo of Suzana Suzana says:

    I found this course very beneficial and inspirational. It makes us realise the importance of being patient in times of hardship, bieng grateful and thankful of all the blessings that Allah swt has given us. It serves as an awakening for us all. The video about the baby who was born disabled and then lived till adulthood and who excelled in his studies brought tears to my eyes and made me realise that miracles do happen in reality and how great Allah swt is. Beautiful lectures by Sheikh Omar Suleiman. Very motivating!

  6. Profile photo of Jennine Jennine says:

    Beautiful on what was said about patience. This is something that I believe many people lack. Being impatient is a definite obstacle people face in obtaining happiness. Jazakallahu khayran 🙂

  7. Angelic Advise
    There is so much i learned from Angel Jibril advise to Prophet Muhammad S.A.W

  8. Profile photo of Sabha Sabha says:

    Very comforting
    Jazak Allahu khairan

  9. Profile photo of Anam Anam says:

    Clears out some of the misconceptions that people may come up with.

  10. Profile photo of Zakariya Zakariya says:

    A very good reminder that we are never alone

  11. Profile photo of Niaz Morshed Niaz Morshed says:

    As always, this has been a very inspiring course for me, alhamdulillah! Brother Suleiman was awesome mashaAllah!

  12. Profile photo of Eiman Eiman says:

    Would take this course again
    This was incredibly enlightening. Really made you think twice about your life and how best to lead it.

  13. Profile photo of Weeda Weeda says:

    Hardship comes ease
    This is the main point of our life , to trust that Allah will not give us the work that which is not in our Leval or ability . And Allah knows that what is good for us. Thanks and جزاك الله خيرا

  14. Profile photo of Rabeena Ali Rabeena Ali says:

    Jazak Allahu Khairan

  15. Profile photo of Hanane Hanane says:

    Jazak Allahu khairan

  16. Profile photo of Aalia Aalia says:

    Overall I thought the course was well put together and easy to understand. Not only were the causes of depression and loneliness addressed, but also ways to battle them. It addressed depression more in a general sense than from a clinical sense, thus catering to more of the audience as everyone is likely to be affected by either of the trials at some point in their lives. May Allaah remove the grief, sorrow, and distress of those who are affected by such a trial. JazaakumuAllaahu Khyran to all those who put this course together.

  17. Profile photo of Star Star says:

    I found this very useful alhamdulilah . I took to listening to it before work in the morning and found it a better start ( and end) to the day than the radio TV and news. It made me more positive self aware and motivated and contained a lot of good practical advice .May Allah reward ILF and the teacher and everyone involved inshaaAllah . Ameen. Barakallhu feekoum , jzkhr

  18. Profile photo of Ain Rahman Ain Rahman says:

    I really enjoyed this course. It gave some great pillars to stand by and develop my life on to minimize the grief from depression and loneliness. May Allah exalt the status of those who brought this course together.

  19. Profile photo of display_name display_name says:

    With hardship comes Ease
    MashaAllah a truly enlightening lecture. I would recommend it specially for young people to take benefit from it.

  20. Truly awe-inspiring!!
    This course truly gave me so much comfort during my most difficult trial. Through this course, I was assured love and hope for and in Allah [swt]. The analogies that Sh. Omar provides are so easily imaginable and make understanding the complicated aspect of how Allah connects with us easy. Most definitely a course anyone suffering from depression or calamity should listen to.

  21. Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah.
    “Patience in adversity; gratitude in prosperity.”

    Very beneficial course and may we internalise what we’ve learnt from this.

  22. Profile photo of sam noon sam noon says:

    mashaaAllah great course

  23. With hardship comes ease
    jazkallah kheir sheikh amazing course alhamdulilah 🙂

  24. Profile photo of salika khanom salika khanom says:

    With hardship comes ease
    subhanAllah it was very in lighting.
    Everyone should take the time to seek the knowledge of this subject as life has some many ups and downs.

  25. Alhumdulillah - we don't say that enough
    It really puts a perspective to how we perceive our daily life shortcomings. Thank you so much for motivating me to keep at it with sabr and I pray Allah never stops showering his blessings of faith and sabr onto his believers.

  26. Profile photo of Hena Kirin Hena Kirin says:

    Amazing course, really put alot of things into perspective, very. Informative and easy to listen too. A must watch.


  27. Profile photo of Essam Essam says:

    This course starts out with a generic introduction that brings various aspects of one’s day to day life into perspective. One way or another, the Hadiths and stories shared in the first hour will show you that there is a true understand of what you feel you may be going through. It’ll provide base for what brings us joy and what truly causes us pain and the beautiful way to find a balance between them and the happiness within it all.

    Once you return from the “break” you will find the course dives deeper into specifics that will InshaAllah help remove any doubt and help the mind shift from the negativity towards the positive.

    An Excellent course for everyone to take part in. Don’t skip this course if you feel you’re not lonely or depressed, as there are other beautiful aspects of what is discussed here that is sure to strengthen your faith and help you understand and work towards bettering yourself.

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