Mothers of the Past

Greatest MOMS of ALL TIME

Sh. Omar Suleiman, Ust. Nouman Ali Khan, Sr. Haleh Banani

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Biographies and practical lessons from the women that raised the Greatest MEN and WOMEN of all time!

Come learn and develop an appreciation for the greatest mothers to walk this earth!

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Course Reviews

  1. Profile photo of rima rima says:

    Masha Allah Tabarakallah. I’m so glad I found this course. It’s really inspiring to hear about the stories of the righteous. Being a single mum, hearing the stories about these blessed women of the past helps me to find my own path in striving to better myself while raising my son on the deen. Jazakumullahu khairan to everyone involved in the production of this course.

  2. Profile photo of Anam Anam says:

    beautiful message
    the favors our mothers are doing for their children are many

  3. Alhadulillah! Especially loved learning about the mothers of our past! Thank you!

  4. Profile photo of Sayohat Sayohat says:

    I dont like to write a review but i have to do it for these lectures cause they are amazing!!!
    may Allah reword you all.
    just hoping that you ad subtitle to it arabic subtitle cause alot of people out there need this.
    and the story of Imam Malik was great, people need to know it cause we have wrong information .
    Thank you alot for this programs..

  5. Profile photo of Weeda Weeda says:

    Mothers of
    This makes me to try again for having my mom’s Dua’s and yes she stills thinks that I am small and give me advices . And stills not trust on me.

  6. Profile photo of Body Dody Body Dody says:

    The Greatest Moms of All Time
    Just like the Greatest Dads of All time, this course was beautiful, inspiring, and makes you want to continuously improve yourself.

  7. Great parenting tips
    This was amazing. Sr Haleh’s parenting tips and Q&A section are two must sees!
    JazakAllahu Khayran ILMFLIX for make this available. May Allah reward all instructors for sharing their knowledge.

  8. Profile photo of Aisha Aisha says:

    Wow. I kept putting this course off till later but I realised now I shouldn’t have. The stories of the sahaba and the scholars are so inspiring and beautiful. I’m really motivated to read more about them and study them in detail. It’s true when Sister Haleh said that some of us would tell you the entire bio and characteristics of a soccer player from memory but when it comes to our sahabaa, scholars and other heroes in Islam we just don’t know. But anyway, the course really is beneficial not just for mothers but also for daughters (and sons too) in becoming a better parent in the future and in establishing a healthy and loving relationship with your mother.

  9. Profile photo of Anna McInnes Anna McInnes says:

    I absolutely loved this course and listened to the lectures by Sh Omar Suleiman multiple times. Mashaallah very inspiring.

  10. Beautiful insights
    mashaAllah, firstly May Allah reward everyone involved in putting so much efforts and time for delivering an excellent content on mothers from islamic perspective! It changed my opinions on so many things, for good of course. Just a healthy feedback… It was amazing how these beautiful role models had such a significant contribution in their sons’ solid future, mashaAllah.

  11. JezakumAllah khyiru
    I learned a lot from this course. It was very intersting and informative course. May Allah reward you all, grant you jenntul firoose for putting a lot of effort to benefit us.
    I’ll definitely be a better mom because of this and hopefully have children that will contribute to the ummah like you , In Sha Allah 🙂
    Thank You!

  12. Profile photo of Sydney Heard Sydney Heard says:

    Thank You
    Asalaam Alaikum,
    This course was very informative and gave me a deeper appreciation for my deen. The stories shared are further proof aside from the Holy Qur’an that women (especially mothers) are held in high esteem within Islam. All misconceptions about the ill treatment of women are CULTURAL and not religious. Alhamdulillah, thank you for sharing this lecture series with us, may Allah(SWT) bless you all.

  13. Profile photo of Ummu Hasna Ummu Hasna says:

    Amazing course for all Moms and Dads
    Alhamdulillah, throughout this course, I’ve learnt a lot of beneficial knowledge, on both the historical and on the practical sides, on how to become a better Mum for our children.
    Jazakumullah khayran for all the efforts to put up this course.
    Masha Allah, taking the courses in this website is so much better than just browsing around to find infos on a subject you want to learn and listening to just random unrelated videos. The way these courses are structured give the participants more focus on learning the new knowledges.
    Thank you ever so much. And please add a course on learning arabic as well, this one is very needed by many of us.

  14. Greatest Moms of All Time
    Al Hamdulillah, learned the greatest lessons of moms of all times

  15. Profile photo of Roukhya Roba Roukhya Roba says:

    asalamu alaykum
    I learned a lot from this course, it was very informative. may Allah reward all of you for this amazing course.
    Thank You!

  16. Profile photo of nida sayed nida sayed says:

    JazakAllah khair
    As salaam alaikum wrwb

    I cant thank you enough for this course. I pray that Allah reward you and your families for this effort abundantly.

    Sr. Nida

  17. Great course
    Extremely uplifting and informative

  18. Profile photo of Saba Saba says:

    SubhanAllah I loved this course ♥♥
    JazakAllahu Khayran 🙂

  19. SubhanaAllah, a great insight into the lives of the Sahaba and how their mothers single handedly led them to success.

    May Allah bless all those who put this amazing course together. JaskAllahu khayran

  20. Profile photo of AmatuLlah AmatuLlah says:

    The Greatest M<3ms of all time 🙂
    As selem aleykom wa rahmatu Lah
    Ma cha Allah !!!
    it was very inspiring. A beautiful and beneficial course, I learned a lot sobhan Lah 🙂

    May Allah make us good parents and good children and ameliorate our family relationships.
    May Allah elevates us to the degree of these pious mothers that educated Men, with a big M, who marked Islam until now.
    And may Allah preserves, bless, rewards and has mercy on our beloved mothers and fathers who have spent a lot for us.

    Don’t forget me in your duas in cha Allah,
    may Allah brings us together in His jannatul Firdaus, ameen 🙂

    Wa selem aleykom wa rahmatu Lah.

  21. Profile photo of Karima Karima says:

    Very enlightening
    This was a brilliant course and I will definitely try to put what I have learnt into practice inshaAllah.

    It is true that Muslims are often not taught the life of the great sisters who contributed to our deen. In fact this lack of knowledge leads to an underestimation of the role of women in Islam.
    BarakAllahu fikum to re-establish this balance between the role of women and men.Indeed, it is not about woman being superior to men or men being superior to women, it is about working together to increase our knowledge and then spread the beautiful message of Islam .

    JaskAllahu khayran for all of those involved in ILM FLIX may Allah bless your efforts and may it beneficiates our umma around the world.


  22. Profile photo of Windy Windy says:

    Mothers of the past
    SubhanaAllah! Truly inspiring and most informative alhumdulilah. JazakhAllah Khair for blessing me with this knowledge. This course alone was an answer to my many duas. May Allah swt bless, protect and preserve all of you who so selflessly teach and all of us who so desperately seek the knowledge. Ameen

  23. So Inspired
    I love this course so much <3 It inspired me to know more about the companions and scholars during/after the time of the prophet. The course inspired me to be a better aunt to my niece and nephew. The course also equipped me with knowledge about being a good Mother, and honestly made me re-evaluate my own choices and how they would affect my children, if Allah blesses me with them Inshallah.

    I recommend this course to EVERYONE who wants better perspective about parenting and relationships, and for those who want to improve their Iman because if there's something I realized from this course, it is that if I want to improve myself it is partly for my own benefit but mostly for the benefit of my future children and for the children I will have a part in educating or raising.

    Thank you Ustadh Nouman, Shaikh Omar Suleiman and sister Haleh for this amazing course <3

  24. Profile photo of Khadra Farah Khadra Farah says:

    Masha Allah!! Such an amazingly inspirational and motivational course!! Many beautiful lessons learnt from the history of these amazing mothers masha Allah.
    JazakAllahu Khayran.

  25. Profile photo of Iman Bekkaye Iman Bekkaye says:

    MashaAllah beautiful course! I learned so much.

  26. Paradise lies beneath the feet of our Mothers!
    They say that if you educate a man you educate a man, but if you educate a woman you educate an entire generation!

    They are our first teachers, our first role models, our first connection with Allah and the world around us. We could never repay the debt of our beloved Mothers.

    This course truly taught us the value of our Mothers! Loved it!


  27. Profile photo of admin admin says:

    A Must watch!
    I learned so much in this class, mashaAllah!

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