Sweetness of Hajj

Sweetness of Hajj

Dr. Farhan Abdul Azeez

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Hajj is a pillar of Islam, one of the basics upon which the whole religion is built. Without the foundation, there is no building. Yet, here is a question for you: why is Hajj a core part of the basis of this religion, yet, millions of Muslims have never gone to Hajj before and never will? How can that be? Well, part of the answer is that Hajj is not just for the Hujjaj. There are countless lessons Hajj teaches us to live by, whether you have gone before or not. As Allah SWTA says, after commanding Ibrahim (AS) to make the call to Hajj to mankind, “so that they may witness benefits that are theirs…” [Hajj, 22:28].

This seminar is for EVERYONE and not just those going to Hajj. You will learn basic information about Hajj that is obligatory for every Muslim to know – it is after all a pillar of Islam! – but beyond that, Insha’Allah it will be a life changing experience to help you live with the spirit of someone who has gone to Hajj, even if you have never gone before. For the Hujjaj themselves, they will find this course to be a unique blend of practical tips, Fiqh requirements, and spiritual insights that are not found in other Hajj seminars that will help them truly taste the sweetness of Hajj.

We will travel in the footsteps of the Hujjaj as they journey through Pilgrimage of Hajj. With every step along the way, we will stop and explore the history, rulings, and inner meanings behind every act of worship that is done, drawing lessons relevant and applicable to our every day lives. Whether you are going to Hajj this year or have never gone before, this seminar will take you on a transformational journey that will help revive your heart and strengthen your soul Insha’Allah. Don’t miss out.

Course Reviews

  1. Alhamdulillah, a wonderful series, MashaAllah. May Allah SWT bless and reward the Brother and all the organisers of this course for their humble efforts, Ameen!

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