Intro to Islam

Islam 101

Ust. Haroon Malik

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Islam is not a new religion. It is the same truth that God revealed to all his prophets throughout history. Islam is both a religion and a complete way of life.

There are many new Muslims who need a good starting point in their submission to all Mighty Allah. There are many non Muslims as well who are searching for truth and need to learn about Islam.

This course will cover following topics:

– What is Islam
– Concept of Monotheism in Islam
– Associating partners in Allah’s worship
– After Life – Grave, Day of Judgment, Paradise and Hell Fire
– How to Pray
– Fasting, Charity, Pilgrimage
– Stories of Prophets
– Brief biography of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Course Reviews

  1. Excellent mashAllah. One of the best introduction to Islam courses ever! Ended up saying my shahadah after the third video. Especially like the emphasis on the stories of the prophets. Thank you

  2. May Allah Bless you , and guide us and grant us the strength to implement this course everyday in our life .

  3. Profile photo of Weeda Weeda says:

    May Allah give you excellent health and eemaan, this is useful for me and my student

  4. MashaAllah, may Allah reward you and your family brother teacher and the whole ilmflix family. Ameen, I learned a lot , alhamdulillah …jazakAllah khair..

  5. Profile photo of aiza khan aiza khan says:

    excellent description. i loved the stories of prophet . jazak allah khair brother Haroon. you are an excellent teacher.

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