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Determined to Succeed

Sh. Omar Suleiman

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You attend an amazing seminar, have an incredible Ramadan, suffer a death in the family, and finally feel like you want to come close to Allah. But then work gets to you and your reality check seems to be that you cannot be consistently spiritual.

In this class, we’ll discover ways to build determination and catch yourself when you fall. We’ll look at how to remain on a consistent path to the pleasure of Allah.

Course Reviews

  1. Profile photo of Naciima Naciima says:

    Jazak Allah kheir for the amazing reminders and the practical tips in this course.

  2. I’ve learned few duas in this course that I am using now. Jazak Allah Khair for the beautiful reminder!

  3. Profile photo of Nadiema Nadiema says:

    Must watch
    Excellent seminar with some very practical tips. Jazakallah Gheir. May Allah SWT reward you for your efforts , Ameen.

  4. Very good
    I loved this course!

  5. Profile photo of Rasheed Rasheed says:

    Jazaakallah Khairan

  6. Profile photo of Suzana Suzana says:

    Determined to succeed
    Very motivating with lots of practical tips. Wonderful lectures.

  7. Profile photo of Karima Karima says:

    Very useful
    Very useful, it is so important this concept that it is never too and that we can catch up what we missed.

  8. It’s one of the courses that brings you close to Allah. Jazak Allah Khair for your work !

  9. Really practical advice, mashaAllah! Jazakallahu khair!

  10. Profile photo of farzana farzana says:

    So many tips
    Jazakallah khairan kaseera for this truly informative and needed session..consists of so many practical tips actually..

  11. Determined to Succeed
    Awesome! May Allah bless him with all what he desires in Dunya and in the Akhira and grant Sheikh Omar Suleiman good health and long life to benefit his wife, children, family and the Ummah at large, aameen!

  12. Profile photo of Sue Sue says:

    Great workshop!
    Jazakum Allah khair for making this workshop available. It was great to listen to. Lots of inspirational words, and really great practical advice.

  13. Profile photo of Zakariya Zakariya says:

    No negative comments and very insightful

  14. Profile photo of Edres Edres says:

    Salam Alaykum. A very good course, espicialy for someone who is new to Islam and deen. i recommend strongly for everyone out there, who doesnt know how and where to start. May Allah reward you and all of us Jannat ul firdaus.

  15. Profile photo of razaid razaid says:

    highly recomend this series
    Amazing series for those who those who r looking for practical tips to maintain their eman and help it grow in a healthy balanced way to finally reach your goals inshAllah

    JazakumAllah khair for this amazing series its exactly what I needed alhumdulilah

  16. Profile photo of Peace2 Peace2 says:

    Determined to succeed
    Jazakallahu Khayran. Very motivational and beneficial.

  17. alhamdulillah it was a very beneficial course. Jazakallah sheik omar suleiman and to all the team members behind this effort.

  18. Profile photo of Lori Issa Lori Issa says:

    Determined to succeed
    Jazakullah ukhairan! This was extremely useful for me. I love the idea that you are putting this material out for free. May Allah (s) shower you with His mercy. Does anyone know if there are notes that can be shared? sheikh Omar made reference to the branches if Iman he was going to send out.

  19. Profile photo of Ahmed95 Ahmed95 says:

    Amazing experience .

  20. Profile photo of Aqeelah Aqeelah says:

    Informative, defiantly helps you reflect mashaAllah.

  21. Profile photo of bebe12 bebe12 says:

    Motivating course
    An amazing course that tells you how to deal with the Iman rush that comes suddenly and how to maintain it and how to increase it moderately so that its a continuous increase.

    Jazakum Allah Khairan 🙂

  22. Profile photo of BN BN says:

    This will quench your heart’s thirst.

  23. Profile photo of Nazia Khan Nazia Khan says:

    Wonderful lecture
    Loved the course. Very motivating.

  24. Profile photo of Fatima Fatima says:

    Jazakumallahu khair, this lecture really helped me (especially videos #1 and 3).

    Some things I was able to take away from:
    1) set realistic goals (start with the fard prayers, then slowly add sunnah.. your going to burn out if you take on something you weren’t accustomed to.. ie.. don’t start praying qiyam all night long if you don’t regularly wake up for fajr)

    2) everyone experiences highs and lows in their iman, however, it is very dangerous to get really high all of a sudden and not keep it up, because it may lead to you ending up lower than what you started. Try to create an environment where an increase in iman is not rare and too immense. Ex. opt for the weekly halaqas instead of the yearly conventions. This keeps your iman at a higher and more steady level.

    3) qiyam, study of the quran, having the right attitude towards tests, Dua, and making sure to make up any missed ibadat are very important for one’ s iman. Shaykh Omar Suleiman discusses this in much more depth

  25. Profile photo of Maham Taj Maham Taj says:

    Awesome course!
    You want success, try to implement in your life, what’s told in this course. 🙂

  26. Profile photo of admin admin says:

    Awesome Class
    Exactly what I needed to hear!

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