Story of Bani Israel


Sh. Omar Suleiman

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Who was Banu Israel? What was their story? What lessons can we derive from their stories and implement in our daily lives?

Find out in this class!

Course Reviews

  1. Story of Bani Israel
    Very illuminating. This course helped synthesize a lot of information, leaving me with much to think about. Very comprehensible and well paced. ILMFLIX is a fabulous learning tool. Jazak Allak Khairan for all your efforts.

  2. Profile photo of Erum Rab Erum Rab says:

    Absolutely brilliant! The story of Bani Israel was told from the beginning to end with references from the Quran and the Israelite. Loads of history and many lessons that can be gleaned from the mistakes of the past ummah. A must watch.

  3. Profile photo of Peace2 Peace2 says:

    Story of Bani Israel
    Extremely Beneficial!

    Jazakalluhu Khyran Sh. Suleiman for this amazing lecture. It makes so much easier to understand the ayats about Bani Israel in the Quran. All your classes are great and beneficial. May Allah preserve you and reward you for all you have done. Ameen.

  4. Profile photo of Salmah Yunus Salmah Yunus says:

    Lost - Story of Bani Israel
    I love History. History when told is not merely for entertainment but we should benefit from it and definitely the history of Bani Israel has many lessons.
    I have never heard of the Bani Israel story before and am very blessed to have been guided by Allah to listen to their story told by Sh Omar Suleiman. It is enlightening, touching, horrifying just to mention some of the emotions I felt as page after page of history is turned with each episode. May Allah bless the Sh for all his effort and may He also guide me and all who took this class to be a better person and be even better Muslims.
    Yet we should not be judgmental of modern Jews just because of what their forefathers did.

  5. Profile photo of nazemah naaz nazemah naaz says:

    May Allah reward you and accept your efforts.

    I am thankful to Allah and then to ilmflix that I was able to take this course.History of Bani Israel is making much more sense to me now than what I knew before.

  6. Profile photo of Salwa S Salwa S says:

    Want More
    Firstly, thank you Sheikh Omar Suleiman for the beneficial lecture.
    I enjoyed it a lot. But some of the stories mentioned, I was not sure whether its from the Quran, or Bible or history books (Greek sources) so I wish the sources are mentioned more clearly.
    And also, it would be nice if Sheikh Omar spent a special session/more time to compare our ummah and the Jews in a more systematic manner. I found this point (comparison between muslims n jews) interesting but i was dissapointed that it wasn’t elaborated more.

    Thirdly, i think towards the end Sheikh Omar was rushing to finish the lecture and didn’t elaborate more about how the jews were destroyed by the Christians etc. Maybe another session is needed?? I feel that another one or two sessions would be beneficial. Because if there is more time, then Sheikh Omar can spend time mentioning what was in the Quran vs other sources. For example, i think there is some Greek sources telling about what happened after Isa a.s was brought up to heaven….actually i think i should go and try to re-read the source because Sheikh Omar mentioned it and renewed my interest in this topic.

    Overall, may Allah reward Sheikh Omar and ILMFlix team for the effort

  7. Profile photo of Khushi Khushi says:

    This was great , may Allah put barakah in what ever you do ameen

  8. Profile photo of Annie Annie says:

    Jazakullah u khariyan
    Jazakullah u khariyan Shaykh Omar , It was an amazing informative session and may Allah reward you for speaking in a manner that a layman like myself could understand and stay with it .

  9. Profile photo of Sayohat Sayohat says:

    Shaykh Omar Suleiman
    it was amazing i loved it great work and may Allah reward you and your family for your amazing work..
    can you make another one of these classes but about our history as in the history of Muslim Ummah i think we need it.

  10. Profile photo of Sue Sue says:

    Jazakum Allah Khair
    Great course, learned a lot, jazakum Allah khair for making this freely available

  11. Profile photo of Ana Mahmood Ana Mahmood says:

    Amazing course
    Have learnt a lot of historical background which I did not know or understand previously. Subhanallah! May Allah bless!

  12. Profile photo of Shorifa Shorifa says:

    Very Beneficial!
    I can finally understand the story of Bani Israel, it makes so much more sense now! May Allah reward your efforts.

  13. Profile photo of Aqeelah Aqeelah says:

    Vast Knowledge
    The history of Bani Israel is beyond interesting and shows a lot of interesting facts. I’ve gotten a ton of notes down and am glad I took this course.

    I highly recommend it! MashaAllah it was a great learning experiences!

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