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Mujaddid Series

Islamic Awakening

Sh. Fahad Tasleem

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The lives of great scholars: Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Al-Ghazali, Salahuddin – Al Ayubi, Ibn Taymiyyah, Ahmad of Sirhind, Adul Ala Maududi

Course Reviews

  1. Profile photo of Salmah Yunus Salmah Yunus says:

    Islamic Awakening
    Mashallah tabarakallah. I am so blessed again to have been guided to listen to these lectures. Enlightening and puts into perspective my own trials as a practising Muslim.
    A HUGE HUGE HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT is the MISSING lecture for week three on Salahuddin Al- Ayubi,
    After the Imam has promoted the lesson on Salahuddin at the end of lesson two, I was so, so, so excited and so, so, looking forward to learning about him, and you cannot imagine how disappointed and frustrated I was for being CHEATED of not having the opportunity to listen to this lecture.
    For reasons known only to the administrator, the lecture has not been captured an posted online. There is a discrepancy in the labeling of lesson three which is actually lesson four according to the instructor.
    I am the second person who is pointing out this mistake and this if not not corrected is a great loss to everyone following this series of lectures. I pray that someone involved in this series, do read my review and take action to bring the third week’s lecture online.
    May Allah forgive me for pointing this mistake out and may He bless the efforts of the Imam for bringing this invaluable lessons to us and all those who made it possible.

  2. Profile photo of mbfaiz mbfaiz says:

    Islamic Awakening (missing video?)
    I haven’t yet completed the series, but the video on Salahuddin Al Ayyubi seems missing. After Imam Al Ghazali I was expecting Salahuddin Al Ayyubi, but the lectures instead continued to Imam Ibn Taymiyah. Imam Fahad also said at the beginning of the 3rd video that they were in the 4th week of the series and that they covered Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, Imam Al Ghazali, and Salahuddin Al Ayyubi already. Please post the missing video or reorganize the order of the videos. JAK

  3. Profile photo of omar hasan omar hasan says:

    Islamic Awakening
    Excellent series. I had listened to the audio series saviors of Islamic spirit. Found it to be a little generic. This series i feel was in depth in description of the personalities and more practical to the times we live in. JazakAllah Khairan.

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