History of Palestine

To Exist is to Resist

Dr. Hatem Bazain

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Topics to be covered:
1. An Overview of Palestine’s Ancient History
2. Emergence of Zionism as a Colonial Settler Movement
3. World War I and the Fragmentation of the Muslim World
4. Key Early International Documents Related to Palestine
5. British Mandate and the Empowerment of Zionism
6. The Nekba and Systematic and Deliberate Dispossession
7. 1948-1967 Period
8. The Post 1967 and Peace Process
9. History of Palestinian Resistance
10. Palestine: A Global Struggle

Course Reviews

  1. Profile photo of Peace2 Peace2 says:

    To exist is to resist
    Alhamdulillah for this informative course. Most of the worls’s problems we were/are experiencing were created by the British. And also don’t forget Jews used holocaust as guilt trip for everyone.

  2. Profile photo of LIA T. LIA T. says:

    Alhamdulilah, this course was very informative. Dr. Bazian presented the material in an approachable way, starting off with the history of Palestine and moving on to emphasize the role that today’s powerful nations play in the transition from colonization to occupation. Anyone looking to understand the underlying political and economic systems in place locally, regionally, and abroad which all function as one to reinforce and support a modern day occupation should definitely take this course. I found it very interesting. Thank you!

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