Prophetic Musings

Prophetic Musings

Sh. Omar Suleiman

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The Analogies, Drawings, and Parables of the Prophet (SAWS)

Did you know the Prophet(SAWS) at times drew in the sand to illustrate his point more effectively? Amongst the most beautiful of his sayings and traditions are his parables on life and purpose. This will be a unique class in which we study those parables and draw inspiration as to how to practically implement the lessons found within them.

Course Reviews

  1. Assalamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh. MashAallah this was a very profound lecture and a great reminder for me and for all the believers. May Allah bless brother Omar and his family and all the brothers and sisters that work behind the scene to bring us such wonderful and heart felt lectures Ameen!. This lecture have touched my heart in so many ways and have brought me so many reminders of how short our stay is in this Dunyaah.

  2. Profile photo of Raadiya Raadiya says:

    Alhumdui’Allah, I was able to learn a lot and to teach my family my new knowledge.
    This course makes you feel amazing for being part of the Ummah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
    This course is unforgettable because of the analogies used and the way the teacher related the parables to us.

  3. Beautiful
    Once again, Sheikh Omar’s hard work reflects. I have a deep connection with the Qur’an and I wanted to learn the hadith science too and although this class is not hardcore about the language used by Rasulallah Rasulallah SAW , it does talk about the analogies and how they relate to our life. May Allah SWT bless the people who worked hard for this class to take place. Ameen.

  4. Profile photo of Salam Salam says:

    This course has been inspiring as well as a reality check.

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