Qiyaamul Layl

Stranger in the Night

Sh. Omar Suleiman

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An intensive class covering the virtues, etiquettes, and jurisprudence of qiyaamul layl (the night prayer). This class will motivate us as well as give us keys to establishing this wonderful practice in our everyday lives. It promises to be unique and rewarding inshaAllah!

Course Reviews

  1. Profile photo of Maria G Maria G says:

    Stranger in the night

  2. Profile photo of ummm isrA ummm isrA says:

    This is the Best I've seen so far!
    May Allah reward the teacher and all those that helped in this world and the next. Alhumdullilah that finally I have found the answers I’ve been seeking. I wanted to know so deeply how the Beloved Prophet pbuh did his everyday things. I wanted to follow in his footsteps but found it difficult since I couldn’t figure out what was authentic and what wasn’t. Finally I am learning the authentic Sunnah and how to follow it. Especially knowing about the night prayer has been an eye-opener. I never realized the importance. May Allah bless you and and I pray we can learn more inshaAllah about all the important Sunnah of the Prophet pbuh. Alhumdulliah that Allah has guided me to this website.

  3. Stranger in the Night
    Alhamdulillah I’ve learned a lot in this course! May Allah bless Sh. Omar and the entire team of Ilmflix for providing invaluable information about our deen. Jazak Allah Khairan to all.

  4. Profile photo of Deqa Deqa says:

    Great information on qiyamul laly. May Allah Reward you and bless you and your family.

  5. Profile photo of Rasheed Rasheed says:

    I am from Nigeria, I was once doing qiyamullayl with beautiful recitation of Quran every night 5 raka’ats 30 minutes approximately, I swear by Allah I have necer ever tasted anything sweeter that that moment, I still long to go back and taste that sweetness of faith, I fall into a sin and I was prevented from it for 8 years now, I pray to Allah to forgive me and guide me back to qiyamullayl. This lecture is absolutely inspiring, I am determined than ever to pray qiyamullayl for the rest of my life in shaa Allah. Jazaakallah Khairan Omar Sulaiman

  6. Profile photo of amina amina says:

    Subhan Allah great course very motivating.May Allah SWT put lots of barakah in Sh Omer Sulaiman and whole team of ILMFLIX .may Allah reward u for the efforts .Jazak ‘Allah khairan

  7. Alhamdulillah, this was very informative and and professionally done. Thank you brother

  8. Profile photo of naima a naima a says:

    May Allah swt reward you and team. I learned a lot, may Allah swt make it easy for all of us to perform Qiyaam allahuma ameen

  9. Profile photo of Suzana Suzana says:

    Qiyaamul Layl Session 2
    Very good. Quite informative. Gave me a clearer understanding of Qiyaamul Layl.

  10. Profile photo of Sofia Sofia says:

    Covers everything one needs to know about Qiyaam plus all those little extras.

  11. Profile photo of Anisa Osman Anisa Osman says:

    alhamdulilah loved it

  12. Profile photo of Farrah Farrah says:

    A wonderful course
    Filled with incredible knowledge and advice! Jazakallu khairan

  13. Profile photo of Naima Elmi Yusuf Naima Elmi Yusuf says:

    Stranger in the night.
    Sheikh Omar Suleiman, may Allah azawajalah accept my duas for you amin.

  14. Profile photo of kmekram kmekram says:

    Alhamdulillah , The most comprehensive course on Qiyaamul Layl. Most beneficial and addressed all my queries. May Allah (SWT) reward you all with Jannatul Ferdouse Ala for this outstanding course.

  15. Life changing *-*
    I can not thank you enough for this course it affected my life in a very striking way alhamdulliah.

    May allah reward you in this life and the next for all your efforts and dedication to help this ummah rise.

  16. Life changing *-*
    I can not thank you enough for this course it affected my life in a very striking way alhamdulliah and jazakum allaho alf khair for your continuous work that inchaallah help us be better individuals and benefit our respective communities across the globe inchaallah.

    May allah reward you in this life and the next

  17. May Allah Reward our Brothers and Sisters
    Many Thanks for the series!

  18. Barakallahu Feehee.
    Very good lecture series, benefited quite much. I pray Allah subhanawat’ala continue to shower is Rahmah and Sekinah on the Shayk, and those dear to him at heart. Shukran, Jazakallahu Khairan

  19. Alhamdulillah , very beneficial course – in depth & detailed about qiyamullayl; personally benefited a lot and translated & shared it in a sisters halaqa – may Allah reward & bless Sheikh Omar and his family and everyone involved in this effort.

  20. Profile photo of Sabahat Khan Sabahat Khan says:

    Asalamalikum wr wb,

    jazakamullahu khairun

    amazing first audio , will do next tomorrow in sha allah

  21. Great information on qiyaamul layl. Jazakaumu Allahu Khayr,

  22. That was a mind blowing and awesome course! I have learnt so much with so much pleasure and lots of my questions have been answered.
    . Jazak Allah Khairan Ustadh Oomar. May Allah swt reward you loads as well as the entire team involved in this precious work. Ameen.

  23. Stranger in the Night
    Jazakallah khair for giving us free access to all of your courses! May Allah bless sheikh Omar Suleiman and his family and his progeny to come to radiate with Noor of Ilm to benefit the whole globe, aameen! May Allah bless each and everyone of you at ILMFLIX including Sheikh Omar Suleiman with good health and long life, aameen!

  24. Stranger in the Night
    Jazakallah khair for these beautiful courses, may Allah bless, protect and preserve you Sheikh Omar Suleiman and the rest at ILMFLIX, aameen.

  25. Stranger in the Night
    You’ll need a notebook for this class because theres a whole lot of gems from ahadith that can be practically applied and implemented in our Qiyamul Layl. An awesome introduction to this form of ibadaah and inspirational to begin it.

  26. a very precious GIFT!!!indeed!
    JazakAllah Khairan Ustadh omar !!! May Allah reward u wd Jannatul Firdous and His pleasure ! Ameen
    This course is soo awesome i hv no wrds to describe the beauty of what is presented and actually the way it was presented ! SubhanAllah! It answers all r queries regarding qiyam ul layl and it has exposed to me the beauty of qiyam ul layl and has lett me in awe and amazement! May Allah bless us to live by it .ameen
    Ilmflix library is doing an awesome wrk in gvng free access to these gems and treasures tht we can appreciate thr beauty while being in any part of the world! Alhamdullilah.

  27. Profile photo of Fozia Bashir Fozia Bashir says:

    lots of new tips
    Alhumduillah I was able to learn a lot of new things.
    A very well put together course.
    May Allah reward the entire team who put this together.

  28. Profile photo of Shumaysa Shumaysa says:

    The Gift of Night Worship
    Indeed Allah is the Most Kind. Taking this course is i itself a Tawfeeq from Allah. I pray that the teacher as well as all the students benefit from this course and from the habit of praying at night. Aameen.

  29. Profile photo of Saira Saira says:

    Stranger in the night
    Such an informative lecture I learned so much. JazakAllahu Khayran Sh. Suleiman and everyone who was involved.

  30. Profile photo of safra safra says:

    Stranger in the night

  31. Profile photo of Roshanay Roshanay says:

    May Allah elevate your status on the day of judgement.

  32. Profile photo of Ayisha jabeen Ayisha jabeen says:

    Assalamualaikum , i have been fortunate and blessed by ALLAH subhanatalla to be watching this videos inspite of living in a far off country like india down south.May Allah bless all the people who r involved in ILMFLIX .

  33. Profile photo of Afaf Afaf says:

    Jazak Allahu Khayran for this beneficial course

  34. Profile photo of Peace2 Peace2 says:

    Stranger in the night
    JazakAllahu Khayran Sh. Suleiman for this great lecture. It answered so many of my questions about Tahhajjud.

  35. Profile photo of Kasmini Kasmini says:

    Stranger in the Night
    The most precious knowedge that I am able to grasp online. Jazak Allahu Khairan to Sheikh Omar Suleiman and his team for providing this platform for people from all walks of life, from every corner of the earth to enrich their souls. Often, we are very meticulous with regards to the different types of supplements that are good for our body. However, we seem to deprive our bodies from what it really need.

  36. Profile photo of Karima Karima says:

    Great motivation to encourage us to come closer to Allah
    Very useful course, it highlights the importance of this great sunna and gives us knowledge and practical advice to encourage us to follow it.

  37. Qiyaamul Layl
    It was a lecture that didn’t made me fall asleep, al hamdullilah

  38. Qiyaamul Layl
    As Salam wa Alaikum wrwb brother Suleiman, I have enjoyed your course immensely and have learnt so much.I am a revert from Australia and have taught myself most of the prayers but the Qiyaamul Layl always confused me, I often confused it with Tahadjud prayer. May Allah swt reward you and your team for all your efforts in bringing knowledge to everyone. I am looking forward to more lessons.

  39. Profile photo of Shorifa Shorifa says:

    Very Beneficial!
    Alhamdulillah! This course has been very beneficial, I ask Allah to reward your efforts and grant you the highest rank in Jannah! Ameen.

  40. Profile photo of Sadia Ijaz Sadia Ijaz says:

    stranger in the night
    very informative and very inspirational. May Allah (SWT) bless you brother Omer

  41. Hamdhu Lillah! this was the first time i heard so much about Qiyam ul layl/Thawhujoodh. To be honest, while listening to Sh.Omar Suleiman i did felt i was living in the time of Prophet(p.b.u.h). Seriously it did! Ma sha Allah! Sh.Omar Suleiman’s explanation was Amazing ! May Allah preserve him and increase him in knowledge. guess its time for me to start my journey of Qiyam ul Layl.

  42. Profile photo of Aisha Aisha says:

    Excellent lecture. Thanks.

  43. Profile photo of Fatima Fatima says:

    Jazakumallahu khairan for everything. Alhamdulilah this course was extremely beneficial. May Allah grant the organizers the highest level of jannah, and may Allah help us make tahajud part of our everyday routine.

  44. Profile photo of Aisha Aisha says:

    I absolutely love this course! It has inspired me so much to offer the qiyam ul layl. I can’t believe I never took the qiyam seriously before. I used to think the qiyam was for the extremely pious and something that is extremely difficult and impossible to do and I used to think before that I would never be reach that high status. My way of thinking was absolutely wrong and after listening to all the lectures I have realised that anyone can do qiyam and it isn’t such a difficult task as I had made it seem to myself. Thank you so much Brother Omar Suleiman for this lecture and for introducing me to something so beautiful. Although I still struggle to get up, I am not going to give up. Thaabit al-Banaani kept on trying pray the qiyaam for 20 years and couldn’t. We should also not give up so easily if we aren’t able to pray the qiyaam.

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