Pre-Ramadan Quran Boost

Pre-Ramadan Quran Boost

Event Pre-Ramadan Quran Boost

  • June 4 2015
  • June 16 2015
  • 07:30 PM
  • 10:00 PM
  • 166-26 89th Avenue, Jamaica, NY , USA, Jamaica, New York, United States - 11432

Pre-Ramadan Quran Boost: A 9-Day Intensive Class on Selected Chapters of the Quran

Surah Covered: Al‐Noor, Al‐Furqan, AL‐Ahzab, Al‐Hujuraat, Al-Hashr, Al-Maarij, At-Toor, An-Najam, Al-Qamar, Ar-Rahman, Al-Waqia, As-Saff, Al-Jumua, Al-Munafioon , At-Tagabun, At-Talaq, At-Tahrim.

Topics Covered: Qualities of a true Believer, Islamic social system, Modesty, Social values of Islam, History lessons, Quran as responsibility, the attributes and names of Allah SWT, the Hereafter and more!

Instructor: Shaykh Khaleel Ur Rahman Chishti

Class is currently in session – CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT NOW

June 4 to June 16 from 7:30pm-10pm (EST) | Onsite + Online

Live at  +  ICNA Al-Markaz Masjid

Register here: Pre-Ramadan Quran Boost – Registration

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