Sh. Omar Suleiman


Dallas, TX


Shaykh Omar Suleiman is a world-renowned Islamic scholar from New Orleans, Louisiana. Over the last 14 years, his journey of pursuing traditional Islamic learning has led him to spend years in the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Malaysia, etc.

Upon becoming certified in various traditional sciences, he completed a Bachelors degree in Islamic law, Accounting, a Masters degree in Islamic finance, and is in the process of completing his PhD from the Islamic University of Malaysia.

Upon returning to New Orleans, He served as the Imam of the Jefferson Muslim Association in New Orleans for 6 years and was also the Director of the Muslims for Humanity Hurricane Katrina Relief effort. It was in this time that he was noted on a national level as being a strong advocate of community service, interfaith dialogue, and social justice. He co-founded the East Jefferson Interfaith Clergy Association and was awarded for his outstanding civic achievement by the Mayor and City Council of New Orleans in 2010. He has since been a guest at various national functions to share his experiences in community building.

In the year 2012, Imam Omar moved to Dallas where he established the Islamic Learning Foundation of Texas and dedicated himself fulltime to teaching with several prestigious international institutions of higher learning such as Mishkah University, Al Maghrib institute, and Bayyinah Institute. He also currently serves as the Resident Scholar of the Valley Ranch Islamic Center.