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    Good morning my dear reader! We’d like to ask what do you think makes your life better and more comfortable? You might say it is an apple iphone, or the MacBook, or the bananas, or maybe the swimming suite you were dreaming about? You may be right, all these are certainly making our lives easier. But what does unify this stuff? Just 2 words can say it – import and export. These are the chore components of the modern economy, which implies legal procedures, service taxes, logistics, and transportation. Whichever type of transportation you would choose to utilize to import or export your products into a region, be it a truck or a ship, your will effectively accomplish your main goal if deciding to hire a professional custom clearing agent. Customs are quite specific public institutions. The geo-political situation on the planet strongly suggests the increase of the security level on customs’ side. This would facilitate the reduce the amount of the dangerous foodstuff which might be a source of infections, or bad quality contraband which could affect not only the health of the consumer, but also the economy of the country. At the same time, a more secured customs’ environment requires more advanced verification skills and more expansive qc procedures. A lot of trigger and destination of the vessel is required. The judicial system of the import destination’s country also strongly has an effect on the shipping process. All these together make the professiogram of a custom agent a lot more difficult. An expert shipping is represented by a set of skills considerably broader than of a broker, for instance. The expedition of a diverse variety of cargos, starting with fishery and ending with photographical setups, requires understanding of procedures and policies of customs, comprehensive comprehension of legal controls, confirmed knowledge of service taxes, versatility in making use of the educational background in logistics and even more. A lot of customs are utilizing pretty complex procedural settings, and to avoid delay you have to ensure the custom clearing agent you hired is well versed with the aforesaid specifications, or else you may get into troubles. All cargo transportation specialists are knowledgeable of cases when fruits or other quickly altering foodstuff has been stopped because of a small documentation problem. In this situation the faster you deal with it, the greatly you would gain from this. You can find much more information and contact details of service providers on the official web site of the entity – http://www.germes-trans.com/en/how-to-find-the-best-custom-clearing-agent.html, which is now available in Russian. Our goal is to enlarge our professional network by attracting on our side finest experts operating in this region, so we are definitely looking for you!